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4"- 7" Borders

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Receding Bar 4-1/4"

Empress Green, Giallo Reale, Nero, Thassos Standard

Delta 4-1/4"

Blue Celeste, Ming Green, Thassos Standard

Ellis 4-1/4"

Lagos Azul, Renaissance Bronze

Vanity Scallop 4-1/4"

Blue Celeste, Thassos Standard

Metropolis 4-3/8"

Ming Green, Nero, Spring Green, Empress Green, Verde Luna

Wrapping Lattice 4-3/8"

Empress Green, French Vanilla, Giallo Reale, Tea Rose, Verde Luna

Bristol 4-1/2"

Botticino, Thassos Standard

Annesley 5"

Red Travertine, Beaumaniere

Echo and Dot 5"

Nero, Rosa Verona, Botticino

Plantation 5"

Carrara, Ivory Cream, Tea Rose

Venetian Daisy 5"

Blue Macauba, Nero, Thassos Standard

Amherst 5-3/8"

Travertine Noce, Botticino, Thassos Standard, Empress Green, Pompeii Gold

Pearl 5-3/8"

Lagos Azul, Jerusalem Gold

Allentown 6"

Nero, Emperadour Dark, Beaumaniere

Bacchus 6"

Blue Pearl, Pompeii Gold

Barwick 6"

Blue Macauba, Beaumaniere, Ivory Cream

Carlyle Tulips 6"

Red Lake, Giallo Reale

Casablanca 6"

French Vanilla, Renaissance Bronze, Travertine Navona

Chesapeake 6"

Blue Celeste, Ming Green, Thassos Standard

Classic Wave 6"

Blue Macauba, Blue Pearl, Ming Green

Fairfax 6"

Giallo Reale, Rosa Verona, Cippolino, Ivory Cream, Empress Green

Fruit Swag 6"

Empress Green, Verde Luna, Nero, Rosa Verona, Jerusalem Gold, Travertine Noce, Giallo Reale, Aegean Brown

Garden Gate 6"

Botticino, Nero

Gothic Spire 6"

Mystique, Roman Blue, Nero, Crema Valencia

Grayson Swirl 6"

Travertine Noce, Botticino, Cippolino, Renaissance Bronze

Hanover 6"

Lagos Azul, Renaissance Bronze, Nero, Botticino

Newport 6"

Blue Celeste, Thassos Standard

Lamandre 6"

Empress Green, Ivory Cream, Salmon Moss, Red Lake, Blue Macauba, Giallo Reale, Pompeii Gold

Mozambique 6"

Blue Pearl, Beaumaniere

Portsmouth 6"

Carrara, Ivory Cream, Tea Rose

Outfitter 6"

Roman Blue, Nero, Travertine Navona, Beaumaniere

Plaza 6"

Botticino, Rosa Verona, Renaissance Bronze, Pompeii Gold, Roman Blue

Rettlebush 6"

Renaissance Bronze, Travertine Noce, Travertine Navona, Botticino

Satellite 6"

Carrara, Lagos Azul, Nero

Set Them Straight 6"

Botticino, Thassos Standard

Studio 54 6"

Blue Celeste, Ming Green, Thassos Standard

Vanity Scallop 6"

Renaiassance Bronze, Verde Luna, French Vanilla

Westmoreland 6"

Giallo Reale, Renaissance Bronze, Lagos Azul, Travertine Navonna

Winston 6"

Travertine Noce, Botticino, Jerusalem Gold

Wythe 6"

Bianco Antico, Lagos Azul, Teos Green

York 6"

Ming Green, Nero, Thassos Standard

Bristol 6-1/4"

Carrara, Nero, Thassos Standard

Greek Key 6-1/4"

Carrara, Thassos Standard

Empire 6-3/8"

Nero, Roman Blue, Travertine Noce, Crema Valencia, Red Lake, Travertine Navona

Arabian 6-1/2"

Botticino, Thassos Standard

Cypress 6-1/2"

Empress Green, Travertine Navona, Giallo Reale, Verde Luna, Moss Green, Pompeii Gold

Peace and Happiness 6-1/2"

Botticino, Nero, Ming Green, Red Lake

Alexandria 7"

Nero, Botticino, Rosa Verona, Giallo Reale, Pompeii Gold

Classic Wave and Diamond 7"

Rosa Verona, Botticino, Travertine Noce

Northampton 7"

Durango, Empress Green, Travertine Noce

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